Landscape Design is our passion. Simply tell us what you envision for your outdoor space and we will draw it out for you to view. From there… it becomes an ever-lasting source of pride to any homeowner.

Landscape Design Hand Drawing


The process for designing the perfect outdoor space involves communication and experience. The following are the steps we take to understand what you want and provide you with the perfect project.


Step 1 – Come out and meet with you.
Designing a landscape cannot be done over the phone or by email. It requires a face to face meeting with you at your property. This allows us to get a feel for what you want and ask any important questions that will make the process move along smoothly.


Step 2 – Discuss your needs & wants
As the old saying goes, needs and wants are two different things. When we meet with you, we learn more about your lifestyle and what you ‘want’ to accomplish with your outdoor project. From this information and by seeing your property, we can offer our insight and discuss any ‘needs’ that you should have.


Step 3 – Take measurements
We will walk with you around your property as we learn about what you want and will take all necessary measurements needed to ensure that it all fits into place.


Landscape Design Hand DrawingStep 4 – Draw a landscape design
It is hard to envision the design just based on conversations so we will provide you with a hand drawn layout to scale that includes the utmost detail. We take pride in being one of the few landscape designers who still provides hand drawn (as opposed to computer generated) layouts.


Step 5 – Turn your dreams into reality
Once the drawing is complete and you can see on paper what your space will look like, we will begin the process of making it a reality.


It isn’t just about the design… it’s about the quality of the work that is done and the products that are used. Visit our Construction page to learn more about the products and process done that make the whole project an everlasting landscape.

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